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Summer to Fall

As the summer fades and the tents come down a new season is born with a hint of cooler breezes and a promise of the holiday season.  Yikes, the Holiday Season!  This is when the days get shorter, shopping gets frantic, and those holiday lists always seem to grow by themselves. 

 Here's a novel idea, one that I've often tried in the past and never gotten quite right.  Simply tell yourself, "This year I'm going to get organized and shop real early so I can cruise along and enjoy the holiday spirit with no pressure.  Oh, it will be glorious!" 

 Now, if you can pull this off and decide that you might like to add some Robert Marble Art to your holiday list, here's what we can do to help you out.  We will promise to do two things:

 1.  We will ship your picture(s) as fast as our little hands can package them.

 2.  We will also include a Red Bird T shirt (Black or White / Large or XL - let us know) with every order while supplies last . . . for free! 

 Not only will you get a perfectly unique gift for those on your list but you'll be warm and cozy in your new shirt as well.

In our last blog I showed you a couple of pieces that were in the process of taking form.  After the cutting process that I perform by hand, I also hand paint each one in acrylics.  They are now finished.  

     The penguins at left with the ice cream cone is entitled "Anticipation".  It is cut out of 6mm thick Sintra Board, a PVC material which is weather resistant and very light in weight.  It measures 22 1/2" in height and 12" wide  It sells for $325.00 and is ready to hang.

     The Red Bird at left is entitled "Ricochet Redfeather".  This is also cut out of the Sintra Board which is 6mm thick and has the same properties as the penguins above making it weather resistant and very light in weight.  It measures 13" high and 10" wide.  It sells for $275.00 and is ready to hang.

 We will be adding these and others to our website gallery as they become available. 

 Check our Upcoming Events section to see if there is a show scheduled for your area.  Drop by to see my newest work in person. 

 . . . and above all please remember to Keep Smilin' and have a very Merry Christmas!  

Robert Marble


Dear Mr. Marble,
I have a mug that I treasure. It features eight penguins in various costumes and your beloved little red bird of course. The caption reads, “….it’s getting harder to put up with all this nonsense.” I am a penguin fanatic and admirer of your work but this mug is extra special because each of the penguins represented perfectly one of each of my friends and myself. They gave the mug to me when I had returned from a trip and each joyfully identified themselves in the penguins. Sadly, my mug cracked when I was moving classrooms! I was crushed. I have it at home and keep it by my computer to remind myself from time to time to check eBay for a replacement and to remind me of my dear friends that all live hundreds of miles away! So far, no luck!
Is there any chance you have a print of it? I am sure, it would have been from the late 70’s or 80’s.

Posted by Lise on October 07, 2013

I bought one of your prints years ago at the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival. It’s a bear standing in water and a bunch of aligators around him. I had many compliments on the print over the years. I tell people that I herd cats for a living now. I would love to see that in one of your peices.

Posted by Candy Corbitt on April 02, 2013

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