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As you wander the pages and topics of our new domain, we hope you'll enjoy and give a smile now and then to our view of the world around us.  So sit back, take your time, and mouse around.  Go get'em and have a good time!

Well, Summer is up and running at a hectic clip.  The Laguna festivals are in full swing and the OC Fair is going as well.  We are exhibiting in both and introducing some new items at the same time.  

Here's a peek at some work in an unfinished state!

   Can you guess what this is?  Or this? 



A best of the New Year to you and your family. Missed you at the Tempe Arts Fair this year! I would like to order a specific print, but was wondering if the shirts are still available? Hope all is well and look forward to your next show.

Take care,

Pat Faulkner (

Posted by Pattie Faqulkner on December 31, 2017

Hi there… I have a litho called Pumps Foil from 78’. I once lived in Newport but now live in Scottsdale Az. Retired firefighter now nature photographer. I enjoy your work.

Posted by Dennis Bickers on October 30, 2017

Mister Marble, I have one of your “Lithos” of a bar scene you did in 1978. It is a bar scene of your animal pals having a “happy hour”. There is no label or title but I call it Bar Rules. It is signed by you twice and has a 28/500 on it. I purchased it from you somewhere and have enjoyed it for 30 or more years.
I’m 80 years old now and am sizing down. It is going to my son in law where I can still enjoy it when I visit. From him it will go to his son when he sizes
down.Therefore, it will stay in the family for many,many years. How about doing something with a hot rod theme??? Old cars,etc. Thanks. Art.

Posted by Art Toscano on October 31, 2016

Of course I know, my mom, God rest her soul, had a thing for penguins. As for Redbird, you’re trademark. This is Lenny’s son by the way if you haven’t figured that out already.

Posted by Jason Estes on August 17, 2016

Good to see you are still on the right side of the dirt. Think I bought my first Robert Marble doodle about 1978. Proudest was “Days of the Week.” Chatted with you and your wife at several venues and visited your home for a few of the Christmas galas as well.

Don’t know who ended up with your stuff as I divested of my material possessions in 2002 and went to China to teach Accounting never expecting to return. Well, as luck has it, I am back in the States, crippled by Agent Orange and stuck in a chair with wheels.

Always appreciated your humor, pretty good for a guy who spent time under water. Glad to see you are still peddling your genius and making us smile. Thanks Bob!

Posted by John Foster on July 13, 2016

I have a 12″×17″ print “IT’S A STRUGGLE TO BE THE TOP BANANA” Signed and dated 1980, also numbered. How do I find out the value?

Posted by Nancy on June 06, 2016


Enjoyed seeing you again at the Summerlin Art Festival/Las Vegas.

The art piece we acquired from you yesterday will be [I’m certain] treasured by our granddaughter upon receipt of it this coming Christmas and, cherished by her daughters and granddaughters into the future.

How much we enjoy your work can only be measured by the ‘delightful’ scale! Love your characters, love your work in that it offers such a pleasing and uplifting touch to this now crazy and mixed up world.

Thanks for making smiles happen…on this round planet called Mother Earth!

Charles and Lani

Posted by Lani & Charles Brite on October 12, 2015

Your work has brought great joy to me over the years. I actually have a room I call my Robert Marble room because it has an array of many of your works from the 70s and 80s including THE BIRD-BRAINED ALPHABET and, perhaps my favorite, PATIENCE, of a lion tolerantly allowing butterflies to land all over him. Both are numbered prints. Wonderful memories of that time in my life and of very special people from that era always surface when I enter that room. Thanks for the memories.

Posted by Craig on May 02, 2014

I shared my motto with you at the Scottsdale Art Fair (A smile is the same in any language). If you do anything with it, would you please notify me, so that I can decide if I want to purchase it?

Posted by Joan Lubischer` on March 06, 2014

Robert: I hope you remember me. Remember when you would come to the Palos Verdes Mall and sell your paintings? I used to see you and we would sit for hours and talk about your painitngs and ideas for further ones. I was the one that gave you the idea about How to Make A Peanut Butter Sandwich, and others. I still have and cherish all of the paintings I bought from you. They hang all over my house. Well, we moved out of Palos Verdes in 1977 and moved to NJ where I live today. I saw that you got married in 1977. Wich I had known that. And you have two sons, just like me. And they are in college? Wow! How time flies. I was 75 years old today and guess what I received from my son for my birthday? A Robert Marble print. It is the Quail Quest and he had it beautifully framed. When I saw the signature, I gasped. I couldn’t believe it. He found it at the Orange County Fair and looked for the little red bird and he told me he said “Yep! That’s my Mother’s favorite painter.” Well, I am absolutely thrilled with it. I never thought to look you up on the Web, but now that I have found you, I guess I will get hooked again on buying your prints. I enjoyed seeing the photo of you. Time does fly, doesn’t it? Anyway, I am glad to touch base with you. I love your new “Stuff”. I am going to buy one right now. Please let me hear from you. I am so glad you are okay and still painting. I think of our visits and long onversations
every day when I enjoy the paintings that I have. What a joy to find you again. More later. Fondly, Kathy

Posted by Kathleen Hopkins on November 19, 2013

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