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Welcome to our new website!  


As you wander the pages and topics of our new domain, we hope you'll enjoy and give a smile now and then to our view of the world around us.  So sit back, take your time, and mouse around.  Go get'em and have a good time!

Well, Summer is up and running at a hectic clip.  The Laguna festivals are in full swing and the OC Fair is going as well.  We are exhibiting in both and introducing some new items at the same time.  

Here's a peek at some work in an unfinished state!

   Can you guess what this is?  Or this? 


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Posted by Mitzi on March 28, 2019

what is your upcoming events for 2019 st George this year

Posted by john salvino on February 06, 2019

Hi I met you in Las Vegas last summer.I’d like to purchase “A Grin Here” Large on canvas. the one where the art work wraps around the edges. I need it sent to Manhattan NY. please quote price to ship. is the canvas $500.00? thank you Linda

Posted by Linda Gullong on January 14, 2019

My husband I started collecting your art in the 1970’s! He was a pilot and so we were so excited to have several flying pictures in our collection. I currently have about 13 of your pieces of art. Most are lithographs-but I do have 53/150 of Animal Stack. I have enjoyed having them hanging in my home for these many years. However, I am getting older and have decided to let somebody else enjoy them. I will donate them to the Assistance League so that they may sell them, collect the money and put it to good use for community projects to benefit the people in the Santa Clarita area of LA. Thank you for the many years of enjoyment and I intend to keep several of them so that I may keep on smiling at them.

Posted by Sandra Watkinson on January 07, 2019

Will you be having a holiday show at your home this year..????
AND if so time and place.

Posted by Steve Mandel on November 16, 2018

We have a numbered “How to Make an Ice Cube” and are interested in selling it. If interested please call
805-876-0477 or email

Posted by John Hoaglund on October 11, 2018

We have a numbered lithograph of “How to Make an Ice Cube”
That I would like to sell. I have loved it a long time but it need to find a new home. Anyone interested send me an email. It measures 22 X 32 and is in excellent condition and framed.

Posted by John Hoaglund on October 11, 2018

I’ve purchased a few items from you over the years at the OC fair, home, and other locations. Do you have any prints relating to Speech Therapy? Also, I purchased a puzzle years ago “Penguin Paradise” (550 pcs), do you still make any puzzles? Thank you.

Posted by Fatima Munekata on September 16, 2018

I thought I would give email a try this time. Will look forward to seeing you late afternoon Oct. 5, with the pit stop or if you would like another Hawaian Pizza to follow. You remain the only friend I have who has ever ordered that. Will also be at Summerlin. I hope all is well and I miss it out there more than ever. See you soon.


Posted by David Dillman on September 08, 2018

Your “Desert Dreams II” was my sister’s escape when she was trapped in Wisconsin winters. Now she is back in Arizona struggling with brutal heat.

Do you have an opposing print surrounded by desert but dreaming of snow? (She is currently on an Alaskan cruise.)

Posted by Laura Meyer on September 08, 2018

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